The @firebolt-dev/icons package provides a plugin to auto-generate favicons and icons from a single svg file that you provide.

  • Generate icon variations for all browsers and devices (eg favicon.ico and icon-*.png)
  • Intercept and serve icons when requested
  • Inject them into your <head>

It uses the current best practices to ensure icons work across all modern browsers and devices.

Step 1. SVG

Place the SVG you want to use for your app icon at routes/icon.svg

Step 2. Install Plugin

Install the plugin in your firebolt.config.js

import icons from '@firebolt-dev/icons' export const config = { plugins: [icons()], }

Step 3. Add Component

Add the <Icons> component to the <head> of your root layout:

import { Icons } from '@firebolt-dev/icons' export default function RootLayout() { return ( <html> <head> <Icons /> </head> </html> ) }