Getting Started

This guide will get you familiar with Firebolt and show you how to quickly create any kind of app for the web. Firebolt is built with simplicity in mind and its goal is to reduce complexity without also reducing functionality.

Create App

First lets create a new app using the Firebolt CLI:

npm create firebolt@latest

You'll be asked to enter a project name and the CLI will create an app for you in a directory with the same name.


A brand new Firebolt app looks like this:

my-app/ ├─ routes/ │ ├─ _layout.js │ └─ index.js ├─ firebolt.config.js └─ package.json

The routes directory is where all content that is accessible by a URL goes: pages, layouts, assets, virtual assets and api routes.

The firebolt.config.js file lets you configure how your app runs.


Inside your project folder you can start the app in development mode:

npm run dev

Open your app in the browser to view it, and make any changes to files in your project to trigger a rebuild.