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March 11, 2024

Introducing Firebolt: The Productive React Framework

Building for the web should be easy...

Unfortunately, modern web development has slowly become more and more complex and convoluted. The web has always just been the web, so why hasn't it become simpler? Why aren't we becoming more productive?

Today we're excited to publicly introduce Firebolt: a new kind of react framework for building applications on the web. Firebolt takes everything we've learned over the past few years and condenses it down into a tiny, blazing fast framework designed to keep you productive and deliver value.

React, Simple.

Firebolt builds on top of the React we all love.

One of the things we think you'll love the most about Firebolt is that it doesn't require a PHD to learn but still gives you all the super powers you need.

The React component model offers an extremely simple mental model for building apps and we wanted to maintain that simplicity. Instead of managing API's for your database and business logic somewhere else, we let you do it directly inside your components exactly where they're needed.

This combined with Firebolts built-in CSS-in-JS and intuitive routes directory allows you to build anything from a landing page to a full blown SaaS by simply creating and composing React components together.

import { useLoader, css } from 'firebolt' export function Profile() { const user = useLoader(getProfile).read() return ( <div css={css` border: 1px solid black; border-radius: 10px; `} > <div>{}</div> </div> ) } export async function getProfile(ctx) { const token = ctx.cookies.get('token') const { userId } = await ctx.readToken(token) return await ctx.db('users').where({ id: userId }).first() }

In addition to this, Firebolt offers:

  • A Tiny 10KB runtime
  • Server streaming
  • Built-in MDX support
  • Nested layouts
  • Bi-directional cookies
  • And more...

All out of the box and ready to go!

Lets begin...

Firebolt is currently in beta and aims to make it easier for anyone to build on the web without sacrificing power. We care deeply about the web and building a more sustainable future. Firebolt will always remain free and open source with an MIT license.

To get started, check out our documentation and github repo and follow us on X to stay up to date.

If you are as excited about the future of web development as we are, be sure to share this post on social media to let others know!

Peace 🖖